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Invest in Registered Digital Assets (RDAs) with PECADO as your Investment Portal
PECADO is an interactive digital investment platform wholly owned by Ashtree Block Ventures UAB, an EU enterprise established in Lithuania that holds a license to operate an electronic wallet and digital exchange that specializes in virtual assets. PECADO’s proprietary distributed ledger technology is fully supported by its in-house technology group led by its CTO in the U.S. and fully funded by Ashtree Block Ventures LLC, a U.S. SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD# 323257). Officially operated by the RIA firm for global deployment, PECADO utilizes a robo-advisory algorithm that ensures itsuser's access to sensible virtual assets meeting their investment goals, risk tolerance, and objectives.
Our Largest Digital Securities and Stable Assets
As a REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISOR, we only recommend a select portion of the digital assets available on Blockchain
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Asset-Backed Security Tokens
PECADO mints Asset-Backed Security Tokens. These Are Registered Digital Assets (RDAs) Backed by Valuable Assets in the Real World, such as Money or Shares in a Corporation
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Your Digital Registered Investment Advisor
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You, the user, create a Custodial Account with PECADO, meaning you are in control of your investments
We recommend and offer only specific digital assets on our investment portal
If the investment is not listed on the investment portal of PECADO, or is not on the investment recommendation list, it is not an investment we recommend
We hold a VASP License – A Virtual Asset Service Provider License, that fully legalizes any investment made on PECADO. Your investments are legal and safe
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This website is intended strictly as the landing page for the PECADO investment portal. To access the portal, an account must be created and verified with the KYC/AML requirements of PECADO, done through creating an investment portal account, logging in and then entering the ‘wallet’ tab. The products and services available on this investment portal may be limited in certain jurisdictions due to potential or acting regulatory restrictions.
Ashtree Block Ventures UAB is a company incorporated in Vilnius, Lithuania, company number 306115172, license data compiled and stored in Legal Entities Register, Reg. No 124110246, which holds a Virtual Asset Service Provider License under the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, authorized through the Financial Crime Investigation Service (FCIS), a Financial Intelligence Unit in the European Union). This VASP License is the main license used for legalizing all registered digital assets and crypto securities investments done by the P/E Capital Group on PECADO, specifically Ashtree Block Ventures LLC, P/E Capital DAO LLC, Ashtree ConsultancyInc., P/E Capital Investments SEA Private Limited, Ashtree Block Ventures UAB.
Furthermore, P/E Capital DAO LLC, company number is authorized to mint Asset-Backed Registered Digital Assets in the USA through its incorporation in Wyoming. These RDAs are registered with the SEC and are only propagated on PECADO once registry has been filed. PECADO and its affiliates listed above are not to be held accountable for any financial gains or losses from investing in any RDA or crypto security on PECADO.
Ashtree Block Ventures LLC (ABV LLC) is a FINRA registered investment firm (CRD No. 323257) in the United States. These entities are sponsored by their affiliate P/E Capital Investment Management Partners, a FINRA Registered and State Registered Investment Advisory firm (CRD No. 172695) in the States of Illinois, Indiana and California. P/E Capital Investments is a direct affiliate of Ashtree through its principals, Eliseo Jojo L Prisno CRPC, MS a FINRA Registered Investment Advisor (CRD No. 4934789) and Candy L Emnas Prisno (CRD No. 7041056).
Email: | Ashtree Block Ventures UAB Office: Vilnius, Eišiškių Sodų 18-oji g. 11 | Ashtree Block Ventures LLC Office: 680 S Cache Street Suite 100-7414, Jackson, Wyoming 83001